Метеостанция в кармане

Метеостанция в кармане

Arduino UNO или Nano
Bluetooth SPP-C или HC-05 \ 06
Датчик температуры и влажности DHT11

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Arduino code


// DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Via Bluetooth
// By keuwlsoft:  www.keuwl.com  26th Sept 2015
// cc Attribution-ShareAlike

// The DHT11 returns 5 bytes of data:
// Bytes 1 & 2 are Humidity, Bytes 3 & 4 are Temperature
// and Byte 5 is the checksum (ignored in this demo).
// Since sensor is only 8-bit resolution, we ignore bytes 2 and 4.
// Internal 20k pullup on Arduino used, so no external 5k resistor needed.
// Powered from digital output lines so no breadboard/cables required.

int data_pin = 9;
int vcc_pin=8;
int gnd_pin=10;
boolean result[41]; //holds the result
int interval=2000; //Sample every 2 seconds
unsigned int temp; //in celcius
unsigned int humidity; //in %RH

void setup() {

  //Supply power to DHT11 (Uses upto 2.5mA)
    pinMode(gnd_pin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(vcc_pin, OUTPUT);
  //Initiate Serial for Bluetooth Communication

void loop() {
  //Pause before taking next measurement
  //Trigger reading by holding data pin low for 18ms
    pinMode(data_pin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(data_pin, INPUT_PULLUP); 
  //read 41 bits of signal
    for(int i=0;i<=40;i++){
      result[i]=(pulseIn(data_pin, HIGH)>40);

  //Extract Humidity (from byte 1)
    for (int i=1;i<=8;i++){
      if (result[i]) humidity|=1;
  //Extract Temperature (from Byte 3)
    for (int i=17;i<=24;i++){
      if (result[i]) temp|=1;
   //Send data over Bluetooth